2007 King of the Delta

~ Chris Dykmans ~

2007 Picture Gallery COMING SOON!


Welcome to Delta Riders Association (DRA). We are a group of riders that are truely passionate about wakeboarding and our West Coast roots. We are dedicated to promoting competitive, but stylish riding and highlighting the wakeboarding community throughout West Coast region. We believe that a family that rides togther...stays togther. We are very proud of our young riders as well as the large group of outlaw and advanced riders that show up each event.

For our cycling friends, be sure to check out Power Meter City for all your power meter needs. Great one-stop shop with support and help through their website!

We are working on a completly revamped web-site with all of the photos and details from the 2007 season. We have a ton on new sponsors and ideas. We are VERY excited about the upcoming season and will keep you updated as much as possible.

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